What is the Best Rower Machine? Complete Guide

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2021)

What is the Best Rower Machine

The rower machine is the best equipment for burning many calories by a workout at home. But there are many types of rower

machines. Each has different kinds of resistance, size. For example, in the market, we have air resistance, water resistance,

magnetic resistance machines, and variable sizes. Do you want to know which rowing machine is the best?

What material do they use in that machine?

What should be the weight capacity of the rower machine? At which price we can buy the best rower machine?

The Best Rower Machine

All rower machines are not created the same all have their own qualities and flaws. The machine that has all below mentioned

characteristics is the best.


The machine must be of a size that can be fit in the


Secondly, the machine must have a monitor that can tell you minutes of workout, calories burned, speed, etc


The rower machine seat must be comfortable; it must not because of backache or other problems.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The rower machine’s weight capacity must be maximum to bear the person’s weight using it easily.


While buying, try to go for a rower machine with air resistance instead of water resistance and magnetic resistance because

it is the best for burning calories.

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What is the Best Rower Machine

Concept 2 Model Indoor Rowing Machine

Following are the characteristics that make it the best rower machine


Its front legs are made of aluminum, and rear legs are made up of steel and a flywheel of air resistance.

It can damp for managing air resistance.

Don’t Make Noise Pollution

Mostly rower machines make a lot of noise, but this model of rower machine produces less noise.

You can hear music, news, etc, without being bothered by its noise.


We can fold Concept 2model rowing indoor rowing machine into a small-sized object, easy to carry anywhere else.


Its size is large, and it is 9×4 feet, and anyone can easily straighten his legs and do the workout.

Maximum Weight Capacity

A machine must have a high weight capacity, and the concept 2 model indoor rowing machine has 500 pounds weight capacity.

Performance Monitor

Performance monitor shows the exact amount of calories burned, and distances covered, speed, and workout time.

Air Resistance

It has air resistance that gives higher drag whenever your row fastly and hardly, and more wind in the flywheel is generated.


It is a bit expensive but also worth buying, and you can buy it from the concept for $900.00. You can also order it from Amazon for $1371.30.


The essence of the above all discussion is that rowing machines must have a medium

size, foldability, reasonable price, monitor, and comfortable seat. All these characteristics are present in the concept 2 model indoor

rowing machines. People of every age group can use it and can burn hundreds of calories in 30 minutes.

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