What is the Best Rowing Machine Air or Magnetic? – Complete Guide

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2020)

What is the Best Rowing Machine Air or Magnetic

Many types of rowing machines, including air resistance and magnetic resistance, are used for a workout. These are almost the same, but there are minor differences in them, which matter a lot.

Do you want to know what is the best rowing machine air or magnetic? What is the best option best if you live in an apartment air or magnetic rowing machine? Which machine makes more noise?  By using which machine, we can do an extreme workout.

What is the Best Rowing Machine Air or Magnetic?

It isn’t easy to decide what is the best machine, air or magnetic. First of all, let’s discuss the magnetic and air rowing machine separately and see the differences between them and decide which is the best rowing machine, air or magnetic.

Air Rowing Machine

The user creates air resistance, and we can decrease and increase it by damping. Air resistance is shown numerically on the monitor of the rowing machine that is from 1-10.  It engages 80 percent of your muscles

It is best for back shoulder, legs workout, and it is best for cardiovascular muscles, increasing their lives. One drawback of an air resistance machine is that makes a lot of noise

Magnetic Rowing Machine

Two magnets moving past two each other provide resistance but no friction in that’s why it does not make noise. In it increase or decrease in resistance does not depend on how fast and hard you pull it

The magnetic rowing machine does not make noise, and in this machine, the action of rowing is not similar to real rowing feel and sound.

Which Machine is Better?

It isn’t easy to declare one rowing machine the best. If you want to do an extreme workout, enjoy the real rowing machine feel, then the air resistance machine is best for you. The increase in resistance in this machine depends on your work activity.

However, if you don’t like noise and want to have silence in your house, then a magnetic resistance machine is best. In this machine, you can set the resistance to 8, 16, 32. Its feel is not the same as rowing in actuality.


Here are the answers are some questions that every person asks before buying a rowing machine.

Which Machine Is Best For Apartment Use?

If you live in an apartment, then a magnetic rowing machine is a better option because it makes less noise.

Which Machine Requires Less Maintenance?

The Magnetic rowing machine requires less maintains, and it has more durability.

Which Is More Compact?

Magnetic rowing machine has a more compact size; hence it is easy to carry.

Which Machine Has Automatic Resistance Management?

Air rowing machine has automatic resistance management that increases when we push it harder and fast.

Final Words

Air resistance rowing machine is best for an extreme workout as it mimics an actual rowing machine but makes more noise. The magnetic machine is still easy to care for because compact size, less maintenance, and it does not make noise.

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