What Is The Best Rowing Machine For Home Use? – A Guide

(Last Updated On: April 14, 2021)

Don’t know what is the best rowing machine for home use? We’ll help out! There are a plethora of options in the market. Indeed, a rower is the best equipment for a full-body workout at home. You will never regret buying a rower for yourself because it will tone your body in minimal time. Rowing is an ideal low-impact total body workout that you can do for 20 minutes in a day.

What Is The Best Rowing Machine For Home Use To Buy Now?

There are several kinds of rowing machines in the market, but here we will give you the most beneficial option to buy. This rower is quite practical and easy to move.

You will have the best option to do the cardio workout at home. So let’s check out the features of this rowing magnetic machine.

What Is The Best Rowing Machine For Home Use

Nordic Track RW Rower Machine – Best Rowing Machine 2021

  • This interactive rowing machine comes with a warranty, and you will have 12 months membership period. With this machine, you will have a touchscreen display of 22 inches, and it will be adjustable at various angles. It is quite similar as the concept of two rowing machine.
  • You will have 5 exercise plans in the membership that will cost 396 dollars for a year. Not only that, it comes with amazing 26 levels of resistance. You will get the auto-adjustable rower with the optimized workout sessions.
  • In fact, you will have the most realistic workout for stimulating the whole body. Besides, you will have Bluetooth connectivity with the rower for attaching the other devices and enjoy the workout.
  • You can pair the headphones for listening to music and training. You will also have the most improved experience.
  • The weight holding capacity of this rower is 250 pounds, and it comes with 10 years warranty. The warranty on the parts of this rower is for 2 years. You will have one year warranty for the labor. Lastly, the dimensions of this rower are 50 by 22 by 86.5 (LXWXH).

How To Use A Rower?

You can sit on the seat of rower, and then you need to follow the four positions that we are going to tell you below:

There are four positions that you have to follow in one stroke of the rower. You will have to start with the catch, drive, finish, and the last one is recovery. Firstly, you have to go on the catch position by sitting on the rower, and now you have to sit very close on the seat and push the rower’s handle towards yourself by bending the knees.

It will create force, and you can easily elongate the spinal cord in this way to straighten the core.

To Sum Up

So now you can get your hands on the best rowing machine. Also, you can do this whole-body cardio workout at home. It is the most beneficial workout for strengthening the core.

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