What Type Of Rowing Machine Is Best? – A Guide For Novices

(Last Updated On: October 1, 2021)

This article will try to answer what type of rowing machine is best, what are the different kinds available, and what purpose it serves. Rowing machines are the most popular fitness equipment mostly due to the fact that they are effective for all age groups, provide low-impact workouts and improve cardiovascular health along with strengthening muscles.

Rowing machines have been around for quite some time now. They are available in different forms which include water, air, and magnetic type resistance mechanisms.

What Type Of Rowing Machine Is Best Among Air, Magnetic, And Water?

The best type of rowing machine is the one that YOU will use. They all have their pros and cons, but what really matters is what YOU like to do.

For example, I hate going to a gym and my favorite exercise is rowing. Of course, I would love a water resistance rower because it feels the most like what I would be doing outside.

On the other hand, if I didn’t care what I used to exercise with and it would be more convenient for me to have an air resistance rower.

Moreover, you will have the ideal way to exercise at home or gym with the superior opposing force. It will let you adjust the opposing force too. You will have feel like rowing in a boat but at an indoor place.

What Type Of Rowing Machine Is Best

Water Machines

The best type of rowing machine is a water resistance rowing machine because it simulates what you would do on the water by dragging a paddle through the water at a high speed while staying in one spot. The harder you pull, the more resistance there will be.

The strengths of each kind are what makes it the best for specific requirements. Water rowers have the most natural feel to them since they imitate rowing action on the water with smooth drag-and-drop motion due to their flywheel and damper for adjusting resistance.

Air Resistance Machines

The next best type of rowing machine is an air resistance rowing machine because it uses wind to provide resistance to your movement and speed, which allows for a lot of variety in what you can do and how much effort you want to put into what you are doing.

Magnetic Machines

The Best Magnetic rowing machine provides adjustable magnetic resistance which is what makes it an ideal choice for people who cannot afford a high-end model and need a budget-friendly option. Air rowers are what we call, self-power. This means that it generates the resistance only when the (in-built) fan flywheel spins.

it puts very little strain on your body while providing resistance which limits what you can do to what muscle groups are being worked out. It will feel easy but if you increase the tension, it will get harder so ultimately, what you put into what you do with it is what will determine what kind of a workout you get.

For example, I used to have a stationary bike and noticed that my legs were strong but my arms were weak, so what I did was worked out my arms on the rowing machine at the same time which helped me work up my leg muscles until they were stronger than what my arms were.

Convenience types of rowing machines

The next best type of rower is what I call “convenience rowers”. They are rowers that you can place in the corner or walk around and use for what you need them for.

For example, if I am doing P90X then what I can do is place it in the corner of my living room and do what needs to be done even if the weather is bad outside.

As far as what type of rowing machine is best, what really matters is what YOU like to use to exercise with because what you will actually use is what will give you results THAT WILL SHOW UP.

Rowing machine benefits

Rowing machines offer a full-body workout that targets muscles in the arms, legs, back, and core without putting excessive pressure on your joints. Moreover, if you compare rowing with running (which simulates rowing outside on water), you will find that it is easier on your joints.

The benefits of what kind of rower are what I have said above, what you put into what you do with it is what will give you the most benefit for what you want to achieve which is why many people buy them.

I hope this article was helpful in what type of rowing machine is best for you.

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