What Type Of Rowing Machine Is Best? – A Guide For Novices

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2021)

Suppose you are unable to decide what type of rowing machine is best then we will figure it out here. The rowing machines are the ideal option for strengthening the muscular and cardiovascular systems.

What Type Of Rowing Machine Is Best Among Air, Magnetic, And Water?

The air rower is the best option among all the types. The air rowers came in the 1980s, and it is considered the best form of indoor rowing and is known as the best short ergometers.

Moreover, you will have the ideal way to exercise at home or gym with the superior opposing force. It will let you adjust the opposing force too. You will have feel like rowing in a boat but at an indoor place.

What Type Of Rowing Machine Is Best

How Does An Air Resistance Rower Work?

The air rowing machines come with the airflow with an internal wheel. You will have a large wheel that will come along with a chain, and it will spin as well. However, if you are rowing faster, then it will spin with faster air resistance and become noisier.

Some of the air rowers come with noise dampers, and it will let the air flow in another direction for changing the stroke feel.

  • You will have the widest range of resistance with the air rowing machine.
  • It will provide an option of automatic resistance as per the stroke rate.
  • Most smooth action
  • Very little tear to the mechanism.
  • It is noisy than other kinds of resistance rowing machines.

Surely, the air rowing machine is excellent for those who want to strengthen their core muscles. You will also have a simple workout with low impact.

However, there are some of the air rowers that will come with the magnetic technology of resistance. But if you want to choose a resistance among the air, magnetic, and water, we recommend going with air resistance. You can find the best air rowing machine from amazon.

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