Which Is Best Air Or Magnetic Rower? – Air Vs Magnetic

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2021)

Which Is Best Air Or Magnetic Rower

Air and magnetic rowers are almost the same, but they have a different type of resistance. Do you want to know which is best air or magnetic rower? Which is more comfortable for yourself and as well as for your home members?

What is best to increase your strength? However, both of these are best for cardiovascular and other exercises. These are easy to keep at home and for improving overall fitness.

All around the world, people use rower machines for workouts and losing fat. These machines are easy to operate, and it is also easy to move them anywhere else.

Which Is Best Air Or Magnetic Rower?

Let us discuss some characters of both machines and then decide which is better.


In the air rowing machine, we use air to create resistance on the air wheel, and we cannot control resistance automatically. It depends on how strongly you push.

We use magnets near the flywheel in a magnetic rowing machine, and in it, we can adjust the resistance by using the option on the monitor.

Noise Level

Its noise level is high and causes noise pollution because we may turn the volume of tv or radio very high during its use. Simultaneously, the magnetic rowing machine does not make noise, and we can watch television or listen to music at a normal level.


Monitors of air rowing machines are best for recording and measuring data and are used for training and competition. Their monitors measure data very accurately.

On the other hand, magnetic rowing machine monitors are not best for recording data and are not used for competing and training but are used to assess current workouts.


Following are similarities in them

  • Both have a handle and strap for pulling
  • These are use almost the same rowing technique.
  • Both can be bought at any range of prices.

Main Differences

Two main differences in them are following

  • Air rowing machine makes noise, but magnetic rowing machine does not make noise.
  • We can increase resistance by pushing it fastly in an air rower machine, but we can set the resistance to the level we want in a magnetic rowing machine.

Final Words

In our review, we have discussed the differences and similarities of both machines. We have addressed the quality of monitors of both machines. It depends on your personal choice, budget, etc.

If you want to burn more calories and do extreme work, and can bear noise, then an air rowing machine is best. The best air rowing machine is the concept 2 Models Indoor Rowing Machine at a reasonable price.

If you don’t like noise and like to do the workout in silence can compromise a rowing machine’s real feel, then a magnetic rowing machine is best for you. There are many models of magnetic rowing machines, but the best model is Hydro Magnetic Rower.

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